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Colorado Women's Collaborative Healthcare is an inclusive space for women, focused on providing personalized behavioral healthcare solutions.


Our team specializes in psychological assessments and compassionate therapeutic services focusing on individuals, not symptoms.  We work with womxn, couples and families from a variety of evidenced-based perspectives aimed at restoring balance by providing comprehensive whole-womxn care. 

Although a variety of psychological assessments and therapeutic services are available, the most common assessment suite of services we offer focuses on attention and concentration concerns. If you feel you may have ADHD and might benefit from an assessment, refer to our ADHD screener.

We provide services to every womxn, girl, or individual who wishes to be seen in a women’s health environment. We respect and appreciate all individuals and have experience in working with people from various backgrounds, races, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, ability statuses, and neurodivergent statuses. We strive to provide a safe space and will welcome any accommodations you need. We respect your pronouns and will use them appropriately. 

Whoever you are, you are welcome here.



Meet Dr. Richey

Dr. Rebecca Richey, PsyD has experience working with everyone from infants to older adults, individuals, parents, couples, and non-traditional families. Psychological services are offered through a range of different styles and approaches bases on your unique goals.

Meet the Team