ADHD Screener

Take a few minutes and think about how many of the following resonate with you. If it's more than just a few, consider scheduling an initial consultation.

1. Do you suffer from a general lack of focus, inability to maintain concentration, and easy distractibility?

2. Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of work and home life?

3. If so, do you feel ashamed or embarrassed about this?

4. Do you struggle with concurrent anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, substance abuse, or eating disorders?

5. Do you feel that you parent or work inconsistently?

6. Do you find that you feel absolutely exhausted trying to keep up with your life?

7. Do you experience stress in your romantic relationship, sometimes focused on your inabilities to perform?

8. Have others accused you of being lazy, lacking effort, or lacking interest in an activity that you know isn’t true?

9. Is your quality of life lower than you’d like it to be?

10. Do you have a negative self-image or blame yourself for these difficulties?

11. Do you seek frequently stimulation via food, social media, or games?

12. Do you feel overly or increasingly sensitive or irritable?

13. Do you find that your ability to maintain focus changes with your menstrual cycle? Or, if you’re postmenopausal, have you noticed changes in your focus linked to hormonal changes?

14. Are you struggling with memory in a way that's more noticeable lately?

*This is not an empirically valid or reliable assessment, simply a screener with symptoms specific to women and girls who may suffer from ADHD, gleaned from years of practice with this population.