Colorado Women's Collaborative Healthcare is an inclusive space for women, focused on providing personalized behavioral healthcare solutions. Our women’s care specialist offers psychological assessments aimed at restoring balance by providing comprehensive, whole-woman care.

We are a specialty women’s psychology clinic offering personalized and comprehensive care for women, by women. Our advanced and highly experienced providers utilize a collaborative and detailed approach to serve the needs of patients through a uniquely feminist lens. Informed by core values of clinical and scientific excellence, compassion, and collaboration, we are strongly committed to delivering women-specific treatment to improve our patients’ quality of life and sense of agency in the mind-body connection. We believe in the resilience of the patients we serve and are dedicated to elevating their well-being and vitality through whole-woman behavioral health care.

Dr. Rebecca Richey, Psy.D., LCSW, CAC-III, MBA


Dr. Richey serves as CWHC’s Clinical Director. In that capacity, she oversees all activities in the clinic including therapy, groups, psychological evaluations and general care delivery. She also oversees and supervise our student staff as they transition into clinical work. Dr. Richey develops the overall integration of services including primary care integration as well as social services navigation.

Rebecca Richey, Psy.D. previously worked as an Assistant Professor in the University of Colorado's School of Medicine (CUSOM) as the Director of Behavioral Health for the Women's Integrated Services in Health Clinic and the Director of Didactics for the CUSOM Psychology Internship Program. A Past President of the Colorado Psychological Association, she currently serves as the Chair for American Psychological Association's Committee on Early Career Psychologists. Dr. Richey is Master's-prepared in Business Administration and is triple-licensed in the mental health field, holding Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Social Work, and Certified Addiction Counselor licenses in Colorado. She has been a clinician for nearly 20 years and is passionate about integrated care, leadership and advocacy in psychology, and women's health. She specializes in psychological testing for women, including ADHD diagnosis.