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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Screening & Diagnosis

This option is best for women and girls who simply need to know if they have a diagnosis of ADHD. This is typically most effective for those seeking medication management with a provider who wishes to collaborate with a psychologist to determine a diagnosis. This process can be completed online and includes a clinical interview, online assessment forms, collateral forms, and a feedback session. No further diagnoses or recommendations will be made. $400


ADHD+ Assessment/Testing

Our most popular option! ADHD+ offers a comprehensive assessment for ADHD and so much more. This option will allow women and girls the opportunity to learn about their cognitive strengths and weaknesses, their neurocognitive abilities, and their socioemotional functioning. Through this testing, ADHD diagnosis as well as other behavioral health diagnoses will be determined. This option includes consults with your medical provider, your mental health provider, and any other healthcare professional necessary. This option also includes a comprehensive diagnostic profile, documentation to support accommodations (if needed), and a set of recommendations tailored to your unique diagnosis. Hybrid online or fully in-person appointments available. $2000

ADHD and Ability

This option entails all features of the ADHD+ assessment as well as additional assessments to determine academic or executive functioning ability. This level of assessment is best for women and girls who have questions about their ability to function in an academic or work environment or who may meet criteria for a learning disability or an executive functioning disability. Hybrid online or fully in-person appointments available. $2500


Our clinicians use the NeurOptimal® neuorfeedback system from the Zengar Institute for brief "brain training" sessions. Neurofeedback is non-invasive, even fun, way to subtly influence our brain activity away from the pre-established patterns that contribute to our current dissatisfactions whether its in our thoughts, sleep, mood or our relationships.  $125 for a single session for a package of 6 for $650

Other Services

Please inquire for pre-adoption, pre-employment, or pre-bariatric evaluations.